1. elizuhbethland said: You look exactly like my poodle, Mickey! He just turned one, so he isn't considered a puppy anymore :( but wow, you could be twins :D hmmm who knows!

    Thanks! Mickey must be an adorable puppy!


  2. The puppy months are tough, but with these brown eyes make it all better. xo 

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  3. Yes, this is happening. Olive IS walking Dakota by the leash.

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  4. Olive’s new favorite activity: sticking her head out of the car window. She looks like she’s flying. 

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  5. Look at those eyes. I can’t stay mad at them for long. #puppylove #olivethedogwithablog

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  6. Mmmhmm. Left the pup at home all day without a visitor and I come home to this. I think Molly (the cat) had something to do with the toilet paper fiasco. 

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  7. Everyone loves the window view. via Instagram: @olivethedogwithablog 


  8. Look at those eyes. You just can’t say no to them. 


  9. I totally know how to fetch. 


  10. Just another day being cute.